Romney Channels Christie

by Kathryn Jean Lopez


Via Investors Business Daily:

Romney was about halfway through a speech at an election eve rally in Bedford, N.H., when — in what is fast becoming a ritual at Republican events — about a dozen protesters began shouting “Live free or die” and waving anti-Mitt signs made from pro-Romney signs.

The audience tried to drown them out by chanting “Mitt” and police began to drag them away, but Romney took the time to engage one. What it is that you want to change, he asked from the stage.

The woman replied that she wanted to take the money out of politics. Romney told her she was at the wrong event.

“Well, who is spending more money on an election than any president in history?” he replied. The answer, the audience knew, was President Obama, and they roared in response.

Romney continued:

The answer is that this president is spending money and has spent money. We have had over the history of this country a public funding plan for our presidents. And you know what? This president been the first one to throw aside the public funding program, to break all those barriers and to spend massively more than any president in history. And you know what? This country is too important to hand over to President Obama for a second term!

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