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by NRO Staff

From The O’Reilly Factor

Monday, January 10, 2012

 On negative advertising in the 2012 Republican campaign:

Revenge is one thing but you’ve got to have material. The reason that the negative ads worked against Gingrich in Iowa is because there was material you could draw on. Well, the material here people have been looking for the whole time is the Bain Capital story… ads showing people with tears in their eyes saying “I lost my home so Romney could become a multimillionaire.” I’m not saying that’s right. I’m not saying that there is statistical [truth] or reality behind it, but if those ads are going to run — and you know that 27-minute movie that the Gingrich campaign is going to run (or at least the super PAC is) — it’s going to be one sob story after another….

That’s going to be his [Romney’s] test… if you watched him yesterday morning [during the Meet the Press debate], he had trouble handling the Bain issue. He didn’t handle it very well…. It will be a good test because you know that the Democrats are going hit him really hard with this if he is the nominee.

It’s the way that process ought to work.


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