Rick Santorum, Adult

by Rich Lowry

Here is Santorum on the Romney firing comment, which he criticizes but without debasing himself. (He does, however, go hard negative against left-handers.)


An e-mail:


This is the expected (invited?) pushback from a left-hander: Where do I go to get my dignity back?  Why are my sensitivities ignored, trampled upon, disdained?  Am I a mere potted plant (sincerest apologies to the potted plants among your devoted readership)?  No, I have feelings, too.

It’s too late in the New Hampshire primary to start a blog, put up a website, publish a You Tube video, take out an ad in the Manchester Union Leader.  I ask you—I beg you—to confront Rick Santorum on the campaign trail.  Ask him what he has to say to left-handed Republicans everywhere who plan to vote in the upcoming primaries.   Until now we viewed him as our champion, our advocate.  No more…

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