Paul on Whether Huntsman Could Beat Him Tonight: ‘No Way!’

by Katrina Trinko

Manchester, N.H. — Ron Paul swung by the Webster school polling precinct this afternoon. Weaving his way up and down the line of media and supporters, he waved and shook hands with his avid followers, who had been chanting “President Paul” before he arrived, along with shouts about his electability and mocking Jon Huntsman for not getting on the Arizona ballot.

It was also a showcase for how the tide has shifted for the Paul campaign on media coverage. After months of complaining that Paul was being unfairly ignored, the campaign has gotten their wish: It was a media circus when Paul arrived. A bevy of reporters raced past the police barricades to his SUV when it arrived. As he walked down the sidewalk, microphone after microphone was shoved into the Texas congressman’s face. As Paul headed back to his car, media circled the SUV. Yesterday, the campaign issued a statement deploring the fact that Carol Paul had been pushed by one reporter, and called on the media “to be respectful of both Dr. Paul and of New Hampshire voters, who are entitled to examine their candidates in a safe and responsible atmosphere.” It’s unlikely the campaign was thrilled to have such hyper-intense media coverage again.

When I asked Paul if he was worried at all that Jon Huntsman could beat him and come in second place, he smiled incredulously, and said, “I’m not worried at all. No way!” It’s clear that Paul is expecting a different ending tonight than he had in Iowa, when he had a disappointing third-place finish.

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