Re: Re: The Battle

by Michael Walsh

Rich, I have no idea who’s “most electable” at this point. Initially, I had thought Perry, until he went and opened his mouth. I tend to agree with Jordan that we ought not to be in any hurry to nominate anybody, and that taking the fight all the way to the convention would not be a bad thing for either the party or the country. In addition, I’m not at all sure at this point that the eventual nominee will be drawn from the current, self-selected crop — or should be.

There’s no reason to give Axelrod & Co. an early field of fire, when we know — to continue one of the metaphors from my post – that they’re up there on the bluffs above Omaha Beach, machine guns at the ready, and just itching to enfilade the landing zone. After all, Obama’s entire electoral history has been predicated on taking his opponent out long before the ballot box, so why should he change now?

I do think it’s been made pretty clear that Romney is the one the Dems would like to face, and I’ve been endeavoring to raise some possible issues well in advance, not to tear our guy down, but to make sure that when we hit the beach, we all know what’s coming.

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