The Scene at the Polls

by Katrina Trinko

Londonderry, N.H. – At the Londonderry high school late this afternoon and early evening, voters were coming at a brisk enough rate that traffic guards were kept busy directing vehicles in the parking lot. Kept behind metal fences to allow the voters unobstructed access to the polls, supporters waved campaign signs and an Americans Elect worker asked voters for signatures.  At one point, the police officer monitoring the scene jokingly scolded the Paul and Romney supporters, telling them he’d been hoping for a dust-up between them. Even then, they didn’t oblige, remaining amiable – and apart.

Voters weren’t in a particularly chatty mood, but among those willing to talk, Mitt Romney won with five votes. Ron Paul and Rick Santorum each had four votes, while Jon Huntsman, Barack Obama, and Gary Johnson each had one. I didn’t meet any Newtonians, Perryites, or Roemerians.  New Hampshire voter Richard Keating told me his decision to vote for Huntsman was last-minute, made as he was making the last turn before entering the parking lot.  And Kim Cole was succinct in her reason for casting her vote for Rick Santorum: “Because I don’t like Mitt Romney.”

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