Thanks Rick!

by Jonah Goldberg

If Rick Perry is staying in the race to restore his reputation, he should stop talking. 

“He’s going to have to defend this,” Perry said in an interview on “Fox and Friends” on Wednesday morning. “And better in January than September if he’s going to be our nominee and have to explain.” 

He made a similar comment to CNN’s Piers Morgan Tuesday night after the primary results, going so far as to suggest he was helping Romney. “If nothing else, we’re doing Mitt a favor by exposing him early on, so he can either figure out how to defend that, or more importantly, from my perspective, he can figure out how to defend that.”

First of all, huh? Usually either/or is used to contrast two different ideas. As in “it’s either A or B.” We typically don’t say “It’s either A or, more importantly from my perspective, it’s A.”

Second, the upshot of this is that Rick Perry is just doing Romney a favor by letting Barack Obama say “Even Rick Perry calls this ‘vulture capitalism.’” Got it. Super helpful.

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