Crunching the Numbers

by Jonah Goldberg

My AEI colleagues Karlyn Bowman and Andrew Rugg work through the exit poll data. Some highlights:

Romney won among those who considered themselves conservative on social issues such as abortion (38 percent of New Hampshire voters), with 35 percent of the vote to Santorum’s 20 percent.
He won the evangelical vote. It was much smaller in New Hampshire than Iowa.
He won the votes of the 51 percent of New Hampshire voters who said they were Tea Party supporters. Forty percent supported him compared to 22 percent for Paul and 14 percent for Santorum.
Pundits have hammered Romney on his so-called ceiling, an indicator that he isn’t very attractive to a wide swath of voters. But 61 percent of New Hampshire voters said they would be satisfied with Romney as the nominee (37 percent said they would not be). Compared that to 35 percent who said they would be satisfied with a Gingrich nomination, 37 percent with a Santorum one, and 43 percent for Paul.

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