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From Work to Welfare, Nurse Bloomberg’s Latest Prescription


Nurse Bloomberg, again.

The NY Post has the grim details:

First, Mayor Bloomberg went after smoking in public places. Then trans-fats, salt and sugary drinks.

Now Bloomberg — known for sipping fine wine and downing a cold beer from time to time — wants to crack down on alcohol sales to curb excessive drinking, according to a provocative planning document obtained by The Post. The city Health Department’s far-reaching Partnership for a Healthier New York City initiatives proposes to slash the number of establishments in the city that sell booze.

Community “transformation” grants provided under President Obama’s health-care law would help bankroll the effort.

So taxpayer funds would be used to throw taxpayers out of work.

And, of course, the child-like inhabitants of New York City have to be shielded from information that they cannot be expected to process in the right way:

Health officials and advocates have also discussed banning liquor advertising seen by millions of straphangers in the transit system.

 “Reduce the exposure to alcohol products and bar advertising and promotion in retail and general (trains, buses, etc.) settings (stores, restaurants, etc”, the department’s document says

Notionally it’s all about health (and doubtless “the children” will be lurking somewhere in the rationale for this latest Bloomberg folly), but in reality such nannying is nothing more than a crude expression of the moralist’s eternal urge to boss people around, and, by so bossing, to display both power and righteousness.

This scheme should be chucked out with the empties. And don’t bother recycling it.


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