Weird Gingrich Revisionism

by Ramesh Ponnuru

Here’s Gingrich’s latest explanation of what he’s doing, according to John McCormack:

Something that’s come up in the last four or five days has been fascinating. How many of you think that all of the money that flowed from the Federal Reserve and the Treasury and slopped its way through New York–that we the taxpayers deserve some kind of accounting for where all of those billions and billions of dollars went. . . .

So I’ve been asking some questions. And I am amazed at the intensity of the counterattack. It’s almost as though, if you ask questions you’re somehow challenging the whole system. But I want you to understand how I feel as a candidate for president. The American people have the right to know what has been happening to their economy, and they have the right to know where all the money went. We deserve an audit of the Federal Reserve and the Treasury to find out where every penny went and where every document is and why they got the money.

He goes on in this vein. I hope it’s not necessary to say that the debate Gingrich is describing bears almost no relation to the one that has actually been taking place. Either he’s deliberately making things up or living in a fantasy world.

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