Oops . . .

by Brian Bolduc

Via First Read:

*** Perry’s latest d’oh moment? Perry flubbed his three departments once again, NBC’s Carrie Dann reports. During a radio interview this morning, he was asked which federal departments he would shut down. Perry listed: “Three right off the bat: Commerce, Interior, and Energy are the three that you think of.” Problem: Those are NOT the three he had previously not been able to name. He swapped Interior for Education. He has not previously said he would eliminate Interior. The radio host later followed up and asked Perry if he would eliminate Education, and Perry responded with a harsh critique of federal education standards. A Perry spokesman’s spin to reporters later: “Every agency is on the chopping block” and that all departments would be scrubbed and evaluated. “It shouldn’t be surprising that the governor is talking about another agency that needs to be looked at and cut,” spokesman Mark Miner said.‬‪‬

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