Toomey ‘Disappointed’ in Gingrich for Bain Attacks

by Brian Bolduc

“I’m really disappointed in Speaker Gingrich,” Sen. Pat Toomey (R., Penn.) tells National Review Online. “This Bain stuff” has left a bad taste in the senator’s mouth.

“Free enterprise is so much on trial” this election season, Toomey reminds NRO. And Gingrich “is feeding into that narrative.”

America’s capitalist economy has been “more free, and thus more dynamic and more creative” precisely because of its liberty, Toomey argues. Watching the world stage, Toomey says the “ironies abound” that “while Europe is increasingly mired in the mess they created, here we have an administration that wants to move in that direction.”

Although Toomey hasn’t endorsed a candidate in the Republican primary, he says Mitt Romney is “likely to be the nominee,” and “it does serve the Left to have Republicans attacking this fundamental feature” of capitalism.”

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