Gingrich Calls on Romney to Release Tax Returns

by Brian Bolduc

On her radio show today, Laura Ingraham asked Newt Gingrich whether he could convince Rick Santorum to back him as the anti-Mitt.

“It’s pretty hard to ask a guy to give up his ambitions,” Gingrich replied. “But we will see what happens. . . . You are going to see, just as we are now down to five, we’ll be down to four or to three pretty rapidly and I think everybody agrees that of the three guys who are conservatives I am the one with the most staying power, the most resources.”

Ingraham also asked Gingrich about the news that Romney pays around the 15 percent income-tax rate.

“Well first of all in my tax plan I have an optional 15 percent rate for everybody, so Romney ought to be in favor of my flat tax proposal,” Gingrich said. “Then everybody can pay the Mitt Romney rate, that would be terrific. And second, he ought to release his tax records cause how do we know what he paid, all you’ve got now is his consultants spin, and I think he owes the people of South Carolina to release his 2011 tax records before the primary on Saturday.”

Listen to the interview below.

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