Re When Wikipedia Goes Dark

by Denis Boyles

So I took Jonah’s advice and tried to find a “reference book” on Google. The first link was to Wikipedia.

We may be doomed for a day, but the legislation that prompted all this still breathes. Media companies love it. But not only is it opposed by the non-Hollywood Left, including the White House, some of those on the right don’t think much of it either. I asked how Kansas’s Republican congressman Tim Huelskamp was going to vote. He said, “I believe the PROTECT IP Act [the House version of SOPA] is an overreach on the part of the federal government. While I understand there are some legitimate concerns regarding intellectual property that this legislation attempts to address, the powers are too broad and are susceptible to abuse by the politically motivated. If and when this comes to the House, I will oppose it.”

The federal government overreaching? Oh, right. Just like Al Gore was once vice president of the United States.

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