No Matter SC Results, Gingrich Staying in Race

by Katrina Trinko

North Charleston, S.C. — Despite the line of questioning in the debate, Newt Gingrich never called on Rick Santorum — or Rick Perry — to drop out of the race, says his spokesman R.C. Hammond.

“Newt has been asked several times by reporters what Rick should do. And he’s answered consistently . . . that is their decision as a candidate to do what they’re going to do with their candidacy,” Hammond told reporters after the debate, referring to both Santorum and Perry.

And while Gingrich has been adamant that it’s crucial for the not-Romney vote to coalesce, the former House speaker will not drop out if he places in fourth in South Carolina, Hammond says.

Gingrich currently has no plans to release tax returns from prior years. But if Romney releases any tax returns, Gingrich will match him. “We will release everything that Romney releases,” Hammond says. “If he shows a little leg, we’ll show a little leg. He goes to the kneecap, we’ll go to the kneecap.”

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