Dead Heat in Florida

by Brian Bolduc

Mitt Romney leads Newt Gingrich by only two points, 36–34 percent, in Florida, according to the latest poll by Quinnipiac University. But among voters polled after South Carolina’s primary, Gingrich leads Romney, 40–34 percent.

Only 7 percent of voters are undecided, but 38 percent say they might change their minds.

Each candidate has his strengths. Romney wins women, 38–31 percent, but Gingrich wins men, 37–33 percent. Gingrich wins evangelical Christians, 43–30 percent, and tea partiers, 43–28 percent.

Voters also give Romney the edge on the economy, 47–30 percent, on sharing their values, 29–20 percent, and on being trustworthy, 33–17 percent. But Gingrich leads on being a stronger leader, 43–37 percent, and on having the knowledge and experience to be president, 50–31 percent.

Finally, voters say that Romney is better able to defeat Barack Obama, 49–35 percent. Read the results here.

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