Immigration and the SOTU

by Mark Krikorian

I was doing something more worthwhile during the speech (sleeping), but two things struck me this morning. First, the 3 million jobs he boasted of creating over the past 22 months is exactly the same as the number of foreign worker visas (permanent and “temporary”) his administration gave out during the same period! Explain to me again why we’re admitting foreign workers at a time of high unemployment?

And HuffPo had a funny but telling piece comparing this year’s immigration hokum to last year’s immigration hokum:

When President Obama’s immigration policy staffers gathered to help pen the State of the Union Address passage dedicated to their issue, they didn’t have much to work with. Comprehensive immigration reform never came close, and the Dream Act failed. What’s a speechwriter to do?

Control-C. Control-V.

The language is almost exactly the same — more evidence the president really couldn’t care less about immigration. He’s sincere is supporting amnesty and open borders, but it’s not very important to him. So he talks about it just enough to keep the Hispanic-chauvinist groups on board for his reelection. You’ve got to wonder how many times they’ll try to kick the football only to have Lucy pull it away before they give up on The One.

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