The Good News Is the Bad News Isn’t as Bad as You Thought It Was

by Mark Krikorian

This isn’t exactly “good” news, but it does put Mexico’s war against the cartels in some context:

Mexico had higher homicide rates under three presidents before current President Felipe Calderón, who is being blamed for most of the violence because of his war against drug cartels, according to El Paso Times research and analysis. …

The country’s historical statistics suggest that Mexico was at least as violent in the past as it is today. However, the drug violence, which is concentrated in certain areas, is getting all the attention because it is being carried out in dramatic and public ways.

Mexico’s successful evolution into a modern industrialized democracy is the most vital foreign-policy interest we have — way, way more important than which gang of goat-herding barbarians rules the Hindu Kush or anything that happens in Syria or Yemen or Libya or Belarus or Burma or Uganda or even Iran. And yet Mexico’s an afterthought, both for the media and for policymakers, unless someone’s head gets chopped off — the president didn’t even mention it once on Tuesday. Talk about taking our eye off the ball.

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