In Florida Ad Wars, Romney Is the Champion

by Katrina Trinko

Newt Gingrich complained vociferously in Iowa about how Mitt Romney’s campaign and the super PAC supporting him, Restore our Future, was dominating the airwaves. In recent weeks, a super PAC behind Gingrich — Winning the Future — has been much more active, buoyed by casino mogul Sheldon Adelson’s donations. But NBC reports that in Florida, pro-Romney forces spent four times as much as Gingrich backers on ads:


The grand total spent in Florida during the Republican primary is $24.4 million with $19.9 million spent between the campaigns and outside-group supporters of Romney and Gingrich, according to NBC/Smart Media Group Delta. (*Winning Our Future promised to spend another $3.2 million statewide, but so far that hasn’t materialized):

- Total Pro-Romney: $15.9 million (Restore Our Future: $8.9 million, Romney $7 million)

- Total Pro-Gingrich: $4 million (Winning Our Future $2.8 million, Gingrich $1.2 million)

In South Carolina, Gingrich was outspent, but by a smaller factor: $4.7 million vs. $2.4 million, according to NBC News. If Gingrich loses Florida, look for him to point out Romney’s huge spending advantage — especially helpful in a large state like Florida. 

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