Santorum Looks to Michigan

by Katrina Trinko

Next stop for Rick Santorum: Michigan.

We think Michigan’s a great place for us to plant our flag and talk about jobs and manufacturing and giving opportunities for everybody in America to rise,” Santorum said on Morning Joe today.

Arizona and Michigan are both holding their primaries February 28th. Romney currently has a huge, double-digit lead in both states, according to Rasmussen polls. And he has other advantages, including that Michigan, of course, is the state where his father, George Romney, governed. One factor that may be influencing Santorum’s decision to focus on Michigan rather than Arizona is Arizona is a winner-take-all primary, meaning that all delegates will go to the winning candidate. Santorum said he would attend the debates in Arizona, but was non-committal about campaigning there extensively.

His campaign is also kicking into high drive in preparation for March 6.

“Super Tuesday’s going to be a very, very big day for us,” Santorum said. “We’ve got organizations developing in every one of those states on Super Tuesday.”


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