You Two

by John J. Miller

Daniel J. Flynn, author of the nifty little book Blue Collar Intellectuals, writes on U2 for the University Bookman. He even mentions Russell Kirk!

On the flipside, Stephen Catanzarite explores U2’s role in bringing him to conservatism, and his conservatism bringing him to Russell Kirk. He concedes that U2, like much of rock musicdom, probably identify more with the political Left, and that “aside from a penchant for destroying television sets,” Kirk had little in common with rock stars. … He believes there is some common ground between Kirk and U2, at least in their common conviction that in “an age when moral relativism, scientific materialism, and biological determinism seek to consign the idea of objective reality to the ash heap of history, U2 has had the audacity and simplicity to proclaim its belief in ‘three chords and the truth.’” Ultimately we learn more about Kirk than U2, but Catanzarite’s approach may prove promising.

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