Re: Former Specter Adviser: Santorum ‘Incredibly Helpful’

by Robert Costa

Specter, for his part, disagrees:

Specter also scoffed at the notion that Santorum’s backing helped him turn aside the primary challenge from then-Rep. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.). (Toomey again ran for and this time won Specter’s seat in 2010, when Specter switched parties but lost the Democratic nomination.)

“His support was hardly determinative, hardly that important,” Specter said, echoing comments he made after his 2004 win. He noted that his campaign ran ads featuring Bush’s endorsement rather than Santorum’s. Bush’s “support was a lot more important,” he said.

UPDATE: Specter also denies making a pact:

“He is not correct. I made no commitment to him about supporting judges,” Specter said. “I made no deal.” 

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