Romney Predicts Michigan Win

by Katrina Trinko

Mitt Romney predicted tonight that he would win Michigan’s primary, although he brushed off the idea that it would be catastrophic for his campaign if he did not.

“I am planning on winning in Michigan,” Romney told Fox Business Network in an interview today. “If for some reason I don’t, I have by far the most delegates. I expect to get the delegates I need to win.”

“If I were turned down by Massachusetts, where I have lived for the last 40 years and served as governor, that would be a little harder to explain,” he added, pushing back against the notion that because he was born and raised in Michigan it was a must-win state for him.

Asked about his earlier comment today that he was “not willing to light my hair on fire” to attract more conservative voters, Romney responded, “There have been candidates in this race who have said things that are over the top. You have to show some degree of reason as you are dealing with the issues we face today.”

He continued his criticism of Santorum’s robocalls to Democratic voters in Michigan. “The Obama people, the UAW, and Rick Santorum are calling Democrat homes saying please vote against Mitt Romney and for Rick Santorum,” Romney charged. “This is an effort to kidnap our primary process.”

“Clearly Democrats have concluded Rick Santorum is the easiest guy to run against Barack Obama, which is why they are telling Democrats to vote for him,” Romney added.

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