Let Kudlow Ring!

by Jack Fowler

Tomorrow, as is the case with every Saturday, the Nation’s air waves will crackle with the brilliance of ace economist Larry Kudlow and his syndicated-radio program guests — NR superstar Bob Costa, Jennifer Rubin, Don Luskin, John Silvia, John Taylor, James Pethoukoukis, Steve Moore, and Tony Fratto — as they take on topics big and bigger, including Obama’s self-serving “America is Back” spinnery, Romney political fortunes rising courtesy of his tax cut/economic growth message, the state of the stock market, all the while also providing wise answers to key questions like — Will Obama raise middle class taxes in 2nd term? Is Tim Geithner wrong on financial Dodd/Frank regulation? And, what is Ben Bernanke really telling America? You need to heed, and if you can’t catch Larry & The Gang via your local radio station (broadcast from 10am to 1pm Eastern time), then listen in via the web, right here),

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