Coburn Endorses Romney: ‘This Year, Nothing Trumps the Economy’

by Katrina Trinko

Oklahoma is one of the ten states voting on Tuesday, and Sen. Tom Coburn made his pitch for Mitt Romney in an op-ed published today in The Oklahoman:

The No. 1 issue facing this country is the economy, and the more time GOP candidates spend arguing about their faith or other peripherals, the less time they spend exposing this administration’s dismal economic record.


Romney has tried to make the economy the centerpiece of his campaign, and has a plan to undo the significant damage inflicted by the Obama administration. But he has veered off message at times while trying to blunt challenges and appeal to primary voters. Santorum only last week got around to laying out his proposals. “I’m glad he recognizes this is going to be a campaign about the economy,” Romney said.

Oklahoma Republican voters should recognize that, too. Social issues are important here, and always will be. But this year, nothing trumps the economy. Nothing else is even close.

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