Romney Wins VT, VA, MA; Santorum OK, TN; Gingrich GA

by Daniel Foster

Mitt Romney appears to be on track to handily win Massachusetts and Vermont, the two Super Tuesday contests in his New England stronghold. He is also projected to win Virginia, where only he and Ron Paul appear on the ballot.

Meanwhile, CBS News is projecting Newt Gingrich to win his native Georgia. Fox News is projecting that Rick Santorum will win Oklahoma, and CBS is reporting a small Santorum lead in Tennessee. [UPDATE: Multiple outlets projecting Tennessee as a win for Santorum].

Given early returns, Ohio remains too close to call. [UPDATE: Via CBS News, some numbers from Ohio with 119 precincts reporting: Romney 41 percent, Santorum 36 percent, Gingrich 15 percent, Paul 7 percent.]

[UPDATE: Santorum and Romney have pulled into a virtual tie in Ohio, though apparently on the strength of a batch of rural returns coming in. Romney figures to do better in urban and suburban areas].

[UPDATE: CNN is calling the South Dakota caucus for Rick Santorum. Ohio remains too close to call].

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