Another European Fantasy Abandoned

by Denis Boyles

Alaska’s gone for Romney. Now you can rest, take a break from all the primary news, and turn instead to something decidedly secondary: political correctness in the E.U. According to the BBC, the European Commission, José Barrosso presiding, has withdrawn a short film intended to entice European teens into becoming more enthusiastic drones for Brussels. The charge: racism. Let’s go to the video:

So a woman dressed all in yellow — looking a lot like a Go Daddy girl, but representing Europe — finds herself in an empty warehouse. She’s ambushed by three crazy guys from Asia and Latin America. She defeats them first by staring at them disapprovingly, then by sitting down, multiplying rapidly, and turning into little stars.

So many things are wrong here, starting with rapid reproduction by Europeans, that racism seems to be the least of the offenses given. And for all we know, this isn’t a propaganda film so much as a security breach: It clearly reveals the E.U.’s defense strategy, which is based on stern disapproval.
The video was authorized by the Commission’s director-general for enlargement, a chap named Stefano, who, I think, may have been clogging my email with peculiar spam.

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