Lisa Murkowski

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

regrets voting to protect religious freedom last week. 

From a local paper

when I talked to Murkowski, she said she voted for the Blunt Amendment (proposed by Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt), to send a message that the health care law needed a stronger clause for religious conscience. It was supposed to be a vote for religious freedom, she said, but to female voters back home it looked like a vote against contraception. The language of the amendment was “overbroad,” she said.

“If you had it to do over again, having had the weekend that you had with women being upset about the vote, do you think you would have voted the same?” I asked.

“No,” she said.

Her vote can and should be defended, and she would be in a great position to lead a little. It is not Roy Blunt who forced an issue involving contraception on the Senate, but the White House. But apparently it would take too much work for this senator to actually defend her vote to protect conscience in the face of this administration’s attack. 

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