Santorum: ‘It Would be Great if [Gingrich] Got Out of the Race’

by Katrina Trinko

From Glenn Beck’s radio program:

“Congressman Gingrich has really shown no ability to get votes outside of the State of Georgia and, you know, those primaries are all over.  All the states that border Georgia are now, as of today, will have had their primaries,” Santorum told Glenn. The only exception of the deep South region is Louisiana, and Santorum will be in that state tonight.

“We think we’re going to do exceptionally well in Louisiana and, you know, we are now going to go into states that are much more, you know, we’ve done very well.  Illinois is next.  The polls there are showing Romney and I running at a dead heat race with Gingrich about 20 points behind the two of us.  And whether he does well or not, I don’t think it’s going to matter much,” Santorum.

Santorum also told Glenn that Gingrich is “just not attracting votes anywhere else” and that “it would be great if he would get out of the race because clearly the vast majority of the votes that he is taking are coming from me.”

Santorum also made the case for a brokered convention, saying, “If we decide on a nominee next week, Barack Obama will spend the next six months beating the brains out of whoever our nominee is.”

UPDATE: A reader points out that Santorum’s geography is incorrect: North Carolina borders Georgia and doesn’t vote until May 8. 

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