Gingrich-Santorum Ticket?

by Katrina Trinko

A Gingrich senior adviser made this comment to the Huffington Post last night: “Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum would make a powerful team against Barack Obama. They have the capability to deny Gov. Romney the nomination.” Seems to be an attempt to fight back against the narrative that Gingrich’s continued presence in the race could cost Santorum the nomination (although the numbers are somewhat murky: It’s not clear what percentage exactly of Gingrich backers would back Mitt Romney and what percentage Santorum if Gingrich dropped out), and make Romney the nominee. For weeks now, Gingrich has pointed to his strength in the southern states as a justification to stay in the race, despite a string of losses; his second-place finishes last night (albeit very close second-place finishes that put him within a point or two of the winner) have left him needing a new reason.

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