Vin Weber: ‘There is No Santorum Campaign’

by Maggie Gallagher

Romney supporter Vin Weber, on Face the Nation’s midweek show Face to Face, says Santorum is running on the false storyline that only he touches the hearts of voters:

I’ve seen Mitt Romney inspire crowds. He gets people excited about it. But Rick Santorum has a storyline going that says that he’s the only one that touches the heart and soul of the Republicans. . . .

He [Santorum] basically has no campaign. I mean that’s what people, Republicans need to understand this. There really isn’t a Santorum campaign. There’s a candidate running from state to state trying to make this emotional appeal, and it’s working with some people. It certainly will not beat President Obama in the Fall. But you know I think that Romney has shown himself capable of inspiring the folks and he can do that going forward.

The candidate “without a campaign” is beating the candidate with all the campaign apparatus and money over and over again. 

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