Krauthammer’s Take

by NRO Staff

From Special Report with Bret Baier | Friday, March 16, 2012

On the kick-off of the president’s reelection campaign:

Obama has not governed since Election Day in 2010. Certainly after the debt ceiling issue in August he has been campaigning full time. Can anybody name a single piece of legislation, a single proposal, a single speech he has given that has been designed for anything other than to boost his [standing among his] constituencies, mainly women, Hispanics, and youth?

He has lost the enthusiasm, hasn’t had a good record. He needs to gin up the base.

So [Democrats] create out of nothing “the war on women,” immigration legislation that Obama knows has no chance of passing, giveaways like student loans. That is all he has been doing for the last year and he will continue to do it until Election Day.

We don’t, essentially, have a government. What we have is a campaign.

On President Obama’s speech on energy policy last Thursday:

Well, that was all about heaping ridicule on the Republicans, his opponents, presidential candidates for not recognizing the visionary in Obama in seeing the future of energy.

[They are living in] the ancient past, a past where cars run on gasoline. And he sees a future where you put seaweed in our gas tank….

This is preposterous. Obama has [had] three years of throwing money at the new sources of energy and showing contempt for real sources of energy like the Keystone pipeline.

Americans instinctively understand this is ideological, driven by nothing except this religious sense that he has to abolish old energy. And it is costing America its future.

On the controversy over Texas’ plan to defund Planned Parenthood:

The tragedy here is that we are having these debates on abortion on peripheral issues, which are a proxy for the real issue of abortion. The tragedy of the Roe decision 40 years ago is that it prevented a stable resolution of this issue. You had liberalizing states — even Ronald Reagan had signed a bill as governor [of California] to liberalize abortion — and more conservative states would have done otherwise. Instead we have these arcane arguments over whether an organization can sequester the funds it uses to do abortion from the funds it uses for good deeds like mammograms. It’s insoluble, and the root problem here is that we can’t have an honest debate on abortion itself.


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