Be Not Afraid, Little Old You

by NR Staff

You’re single. You want to come on the National Review 2012 Post-Election Cruise, as well you should. But you think: I will be . . . a fifth wheel . . . the only solo in a crowd of couples . . . ignored for seven days . . . everyone else having fun and poor me will be lonely and forgotten . . . Heck yeah I want to go, but I am afraid to sign up.

Pish and tush and all that jazz! Listen up amigo, don’t let your solitary status deter you: about a third of the 200-plus friendly and conservative folks who have signed up are just like you: decidedly single. Fact is, we have hundreds of NR cruise alumni who travel solo, and who come on our cruises time and again because they enjoy (immensely) the program, and because the camaraderie is amazing, friendly, inclusive. So don’t be afraid. Join the scores of other rip, roaring, and ready singles who’ve already signed up for what will be the conservative event of 2011. Get complete information about the National Review 2012 Post-Election Cruise at

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