Staying Focused

by Mark Steyn

On St. Patrick’s Day, Joe Biden was awash in booze. Whoops, that should be boos. But WPXI’s Brandon Hudson does his best not to let it derail his hard-hitting reporting. As does the anchor back at the studio (stay tuned to the very end of the clip for a Great Moment in Court Eunuchry).

In A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, Mark Twain quotes from the exciting news coverage of Camelot’s local paper:

On Monday, the King rode in the park.
  “   Tuesday,       “       “            “
  “   Wednesday, “       “            “
  “   Thursday,      “       “            “
  “   Friday,            “       “            “
  “   Saturday,       “       “            “
  “   Sunday,         “        “            “

Thus, WPXI: On St. Patrick’s Day, the king’s most wise and beneficent Lord High Chancellor rode in the park.

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