Walesa to Pope: Defend Cuban Dissidents

by Jack Fowler

Babalú reports the Polish Nobel Peace Prize winner has written to Benedict XVI “to take up the defense of those Cubans who are demanding freedom at the risk of persecutions and humiliation.” More:

The people in Cuba who speak out in defense of the irrevocable and fundamental human rights, and demand social justice, wind up jailed and persecuted. Cuban authorities do not want to speak with their own people.

Nevertheless, I remain hopeful that Your Holiness’s visit will contribute to positive changes in the life of the Cuban nation. I trust that the visit will open a new chapter in the history of Cuba and that authorities there will start a dialogue with Cuban society.

Trust away Lech – by all reports the Vatican will ignore the Ladies in White and other persecuted Catholics who have begged for Papal attention to their plight.

What makes this particularly troubling (dare I say galling?), in a spiritual sense, is that the reason for the Pope’s visit (March 26-28) is to mark the 400th  anniversary of the discovery of the statue of Our Lady of Charity, revered as the Patroness of Cuba. Indeed, Benedict refers to himself in this forthcoming pastoral trip as a “Pilgrim of Charity.” In the old Catholic Encyclopedia, “charity” is defined as “the habit, desire, or act of relieving the physical, mental, moral, or spiritual needs of one’s fellows.” Don’t the Castro-persecuted Christians qualify for some charitable papal face time?

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