RNC Members Respond to Santorum’s Delegate Math

by Brian Bolduc

Rick Santorum’s campaign alleges it’s closer to Mitt Romney in the delegate count than most pundits think. Its argument rests on the assumption that the Republican National Committee will force Florida and Arizona, which currently have awarded all their delegates to Romney, to distribute their delegates proportionately according to the popular vote. Lenny Curry, chairman of the Florida Republican party, says this contention is “nonsense.”

“I think the challenge is absurd,” he tells NRO. “Every candidate came to Florida and campaigned here with the understanding that we were winner-take-all. Heading up to the primary date, no one questioned it. Florida is winner-take-all; we expect it to be winner-take-all at the convention.”

Meanwhile, Jim Bopp, a member of the RNC rules committee, says such a contest would have no merit. “Proportionately is only required for those states that go between March 6 and the end of March. People that went before March 1 can do winner-take-all.”

The alternative route for Santorum’s campaign, Bopp adds, is through the rules committee, which could impose additional penalties on the wayward states. “The committee has already imposed penalties,” he says. “They’re the only ones with jurisdiction to do that.” That said, the rules committee has already punished the two states, and it seems unlikely to do so again.

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