‘Democrats are trying to scare American women and it’s a scare tactic that isn’t going to work.’

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

At a House Republican press stakeout today, Washington state’s Cathy McMorris Rodgers said:

Over the last few weeks as the Republicans have been focusing on economy and jobs the Democrats have been trying to change the subject, and they’ve been trying to distract America from the real issues. They call it a “war on women.” And, as a woman, I’m here to tell you that the Democrats are off base and the polls back us up. CBS News poll recently shows that the American women actually support, a majority of them, support the Republican position on the conscience clause. President Obama’s approval rating is actually at a record low, 41 percent with women right now. And as Americans look a little deeper into these issues what they see is not that Republicans are trying to undermine women’s health, what they see is that Democrats are trying to scare American women and it’s a scare tactic that isn’t going to work. The American women fear most of all President Obama’s policies. They fear his economic policies, they fear his healthcare policies, and they fear the debt that he is leaving to our children and our grandchildren. Republicans are going to continue to focus on the real issues. Those are the issues that American women care about and those are the issues that Americans care about.

Video here (Rep. McMorris Rodgers  comes on about four minutes in): 


File it under “Women Who Won’t Let the Obama Administration Pretend the HHS Mandate Issue is a Winner with Women,” which is an ever-growing file.

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