Santorum Woos Newt World

by Robert Costa

Instead of asking Gingrich to drop out, Santorum seeks his supporters:

“It’s time for Gingrich supporters to get behind us if they truly want to have a conservative candidate; it’s up to Newt Gingrich to decide what his future is,” John Brabender, Mr. Santorum’s top strategist, told reporters after Mr. Santorum and a crowd of about 200 people had left the hotel ballroom here where Mr. Santorum had conceded the Illinois primary. 

Santorum also welcomes the former speaker to join him, should he change his mind:

“We need not only Gingrich supporters,” [Brabender] said. “We would love to have Newt Gingrich be an important voice for our campaign, quite frankly. We would like to have people who are working for Gingrich to be working for us. We would like some of his fund-raising people to be working for us.”

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