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The Anti--Scott Walker Air War Begins


In Brian Bolduc’s excellent piece yesterday, Wisconsin governor Scott Walker estimates unions will spend $70 to $80 million to defeat him in the upcoming recall election. That spending spigot is already flowing, as a third-party group called “Falk for Wisconsin” has begun running anti-Walker, pro–Kathleen Falk ads. Here’s the first one:


I fact-check the ad at length here. Per this MacMillan blog post, which lists some entertaining synonyms for “nonsense,” let’s just say the ad is “poppycock,” “twaddle,” “piffle,” “ráiméis,” and Mencken’s favorite, “bunkum.” (You know I really mean business when I deem something “a load of old cobblers.”)

— Christian Schneider is a senior fellow at the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute and a co-author of the Campaign Manager Survey.


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