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Can the USS Bill Clinton Be Far Behind?


The latest outrage in the sorry train of things named after living politicians:

Arkansas’ busiest airport will soon bear the name of one of the state’s most famous couples: Bill and Hillary Clinton.

In an unanimous vote earlier today, the Little Rock Municipal Airport Commission move to rename the Little Rock National Airport to honor former President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The official title will be the “Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport.”

And, yes, I think that naming the Houston Intergalactic Airport after Bush the Elder is just as absurd. In a real republic, a self-governing citizenry would be embarrassed at the thought of lavishing such praise on common politicians. Heck, even the Romans usually waited till their emperors died before deifying them. And politicians possessing any republican virtue would demur when offered to have a vast public work named after them, suggesting instead that, if an airport in Arkansas really needed a new name, it honor, say, Airman 1st Class Jesse Samek of Rogers, Ark., who died serving his country in Afghanistan in 2004.

But it’s clear these pols have no shame; I’m not even sure we as a people are still fit for self-government. But, on the off chance we still are, the best way to address this kind of un-republican behavior might be to mock it. So, in the vein of the Washington Post’s Style Invitational, use the comments to suggest appropriate pairings for living politicians’ names, like the Nancy Pelosi Center for Cosmetic Surgery. I’ll tweet the entries I like the best.