by John J. Miller

A couple of weeks ago, the president of the University of Rochester denounced one of his professors, Steven Landsburg, for criticizing Sandra Fluke’s position on government-funded birth control. Today in an interview with Elaina Plott of The College Fix, Landsburg fires back:

“Free speech isn’t the issue here,” he said. “Nobody, myself included, tried to stifle her speech. … I’m very disappointed in the growing trend of students and others unwilling to engage in meaningful discussion,” he said. …

Unsurprisingly, Landsburg was less than enthusiastic about Fluke running for political office—a possibility raised by Fluke during a panel discussion last week.

“She’s not interested in ideas and the motivations behind them,” said Landsburg. “But I guess that’s fitting, because those kinds of people end up in politics anyway.”

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