Take, This Broken Wing....

by Jonah Goldberg

If you’ve been following me on Twitter — and why wouldn’t you? — you’d know that the Goldbergs are in lovely Steamboat Springs, Colorado. We’re actually leaving today, to head back to Denver for the night and then home for me, Alaska for the Goldberg ladies. We’ve had a great time — I became smitten with Steamboat when I came out here on a road trip with my daughter last summer (when I spoke at the Steamboat Institute). The bad news is that it’s been unseasonably warm (Damn you, solar radiation!) and the skiing conditions were not ideal. Nor, it should be said are my skiing skills. I was doing fine until the end of my first day on the slopes when I stupidly didn’t do enough to get around a bald patch in the snow. I went ass over tea kettle and messed up my left rotator cuff. Once again, the left turns out to be a disappointment.

Nothing appears broken on the X-rays, but it’s a real pain, literally and figuratively.  Driving is hard, but typing works ok. Of course, I’ll never play the violin again. The upside is that the sling I’m wearing is perfect for hiding booze, cigars and maybe even a kitten.  Anyway, thanks to everyone who’s inquired about it. I’ll be fine. Particularly when I get my bionic arm.*

Anyway, we’re going to be on the road shortly for Denver. If you have any suggestions for what I should do to entertain a grumpy 9 year-old girl either on the way or when we get there, I’m all ears. Extra points for activities that don’t require two fully functioning arms.


* We may have discussed this in the Corner before, but my problem with the Six Million Dollar Man’s bionic arm is that it would have torn right out of the socket the second Steve Austin picked up a car, or anything else super heavy,  right? The arm may be bionic but the shoulder isn’t. And your shoulder can’t lift two tons, right?

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