Better Late Than Never

by Jonah Goldberg

I just got this email in response to something I wrote on the Lord of the Rings a decade ago:

I wrote a succinct reply to something i came  across this evening that
you wrote 10yrs ago re LOTRs not being racist, and upon submitting it,
naturally, the comment disappeared.
Im tired as all hell but its important to me to tell you i think you’re a moron.

LOTRs is from NZ,  the Urukhai were entirely cast from MAORI !!
Maybe i could see how you missed that, given theyre not a branch of
white or jew, the apparent parameters of your worldly concern.
But yr ‘about’ said you worked in LA.., AND YOU CANT RECOGNISE A

Maybe the fact that John Yatt recognized the racial discrepancies in
casting(amongst everything else), and you saw  “subhuman monsters”, is
why he reviews for the freakin Guardian, and you dont.

learn something about people who arent white or jewish for a change.
Actually, forget about that, i have no hope for you at all. I usually
wouldn’t waste my time, but of everything i read on the topic, yours
was the worst.

I think youre horrible and i wish you would just stop.

It’s just so gratifying to know that things you write have an impact ten years later.

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