Rave On for Trayvon

by Mark Steyn

Victor wrote yesterday that the Trayvon Martin case exemplified “how absolutely insane America has become“. If you’re having difficulty keeping up with the insanity, the Pundette has a useful round-up:

In a touching tribute to the slain Florida teen, Miami high schoolers looted their local Walgreens, because nothing says “rest in peace” or “you will be missed” like a swiped bag of chips…

In another moving memorial, Fr. Michael Pfleger used the young man’s death as fuel for his decades-long ego trip at the expense of the Catholic Church and his own parishioners. The Daily Caller has the disturbing video, complete with a hooded dummy of Trayvon set up near the altar.

Spike Lee showed his respects with an ineffectual attempt to incite harassment, or worse, of George Zimmerman. He tweeted what he thought was Zimmerman’s address. Turns out it wasn’t Zimmerman’s house at all, but rather the home of an elderly couple entirely unrelated to the “white hispanic.” Oh well — it’s the thought that counts!

And don’t forget the “wide open” night of justice for Trayvon at Bentley’s Lingerie Lounge.

C’mon, Reverend Sharpton, Reverend Jackson: Are you gonna let your good selves be so effortlessly upstaged by some Hollywood has-been, a North Carolina strip joint, and even some pasty honky Catholic?

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