When it’s Springtime in the Lower Peninsula...

by Mark Steyn

…my thoughts to Hillsdale ever stray. If you’re weary of a world in which government has its fingers in everything, including your intestines, there’s always Hillsdale College, a school that disdains any federal or state funding. It’s home to The Corner’s John J Miller, and to some hot young talent that’ll be joining NR this summer and giving us squaresville deadbeats a run for our money.

I’ll be speaking at Hillsdale in the sports arena next Tuesday evening, April 3rd. Admission is free. Full details here. Usual apocalyptic doom-mongering, but punctuated midway by my new knife-throwing act (John J has kindly volunteered). It’s a convenient 14-hour drive from the Upper Peninsula, and rather nearer to Indiana, Ohio, and southern Ontario.

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