Geder HaHafrada

by Mark Krikorian

Just in time for my piece today on the home page about our southwest-border fence, the Guardian takes a look at Israel’s own southwest-border fence, with Egypt. (“Geder HaHafrada” is the Hebrew name for the fence on the West Bank; I don’t know if the same term is used for the Sinai fence.) The article features the exquisite balance and fairness that we’ve come to expect from that paper, calling the Sinai fence a “steel snake,” referring to “the infamous huge steel-and-concrete West Bank barrier,” and approvingly quoting a critic at length who calls the fence “a kind of weakness.” It makes you yearn for the objectivity of the New York Times.

Mickey Kaus highlights the “joke fence” parts of our barrier with Mexico, but even the good parts don’t seem to compare to what the Israelis have, including this: “An electronic pulse will run through the fence, setting off an alarm on contact that will allow the Israeli army to locate the exact spot of attempted infiltration.” Maybe that’s what Herman Cain was referring to!

Speaking of a joke fence, here’s the border barrier that the president says is “basically complete”:

A formidable barrier

(Note to Media Matters interns: I was not actually entering without inspection since the fence is a few feet inside the U.S.)

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