No, Mr. Bond, I Expect You to Die

by Mark Krikorian

I just got that other conservative magazine in the mail and there’s a piece on the Park Slope Food Coop vote on boycotting Israel. The only thing in it that I hadn’t already seen in last week’s news coverage was that “Since its founding, the coop has boycotted South African products (because of apartheid), Chilean grapes (Pinochet), Coca-Cola (‘labor practices and possible criminal acts’), and Nestle (promoting formula over breastfeeding), just to name a few.” While this litany is hardly surprising, given the source, a boycott of Israeli goods is different from these past liberal fads; the only way to satisfy the boycotters is for Israel to cease to exist.

This isn’t an original insight, I know, but this boycott talk underlines the fact that anti-Zionism is simply another form of Jew-hatred. There is no such thing as benign anti-Zionism, because any rationale for it exists in many other places. “The Jews came from somewhere else” — how do you think the Arabs got there? “Israel governs occupied territory” — ever heard of Kurdistan? “Israel uses violence against its enemies” — ever read the newspaper?

You don’t have to like the place — I’m a fan myself, but to each his own. But singling out its behavior for boycott without also boycotting, just for starters, all goods from China, Turkey, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt, is by definition an act of Jew-hatred.

BTW, the first big anti-Israel boycott took place 79 years ago yesterday:

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