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Ryan’s Office Contrasts Their Approach with Obama’s


President Obama will deliver a speech tomorrow addressing Representative Paul Ryan’s budget, in which he plans to continue the themes of his December speech in Kansas and his State of the Union. Administration officials suggest that the speech will “contrast Obama’s vision with the Ryan plan, and what it means for the economy and the middle class,” according to Politico.

In advance of the speech, Ryan’s communications director, Conor Sweeney, highlights what he thinks is the real contrast:

For four years the President has refused to honestly confront the most predictable economic crisis in our history. Instead, he has accelerated the nation toward this looming debt-fueled crisis with reckless budgets, always accompanied by partisan speeches that seek to divide the nation in order to distract from his legacy of broken promises. If he thinks there is no political price to pay for this total abdication of leadership, he is due for a rude awakening.

For the second-straight year, the President’s approach to budgeting is as follows: 1) Put forward an unserious budget with serious consequences for seniors, families, and future generations; 2) Wait for House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan to advance principled solutions that tackle our generation’s defining challenge; 3) Launch false, tired political attacks on Chairman Ryan for doing what the President should be doing. The President continues to confuse partisan speeches for principled leadership.

If nothing else, President Obama and Chairman Ryan, with their two approaches to budgeting, have helped clarify the choice for the American people: the President’s path to debt and decline versus the restoration of the promise and prosperity of our exceptional nation.


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