Re ‘Nordlinger Bait’

by Jay Nordlinger

Jonah, I can’t remember who said this originally, but I’ll go ahead and quote: Yes, Lenin broke a lot of eggs, but where was the omelet? In other words, Lenin went ahead and killed millions of people, which he said was necessary to create the ideal society he envisioned. But where was that society?

There have always been apologists for “political murder,” such as the Irishman you cite, Jonah, and there always will be. E. J. Hobsbawm, for example, pretty much excuses Stalin’s butchery. Hobsbawm is only the most influential historian in the English language, if not the world. He has more honorary degrees than anyone this side of Maya Angelou. And Robert Conquest — a truth-teller — has like two.

Anyway, you know all this . . .

P.S. If more of the Left knew that Guevara and his comrades tossed homosexuals into the gulag Guevara presided over in Cuba, would they care?

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