Beyond Parody

by Mark Krikorian

When leftists use a word, it means what they want it to mean. An example is “illegal” — in the past, the apologists for illegal immigration have sought to excuse it and find euphemisms for the adjective (“undocumented,” “irregular,” and so on). But the Miami Herald reports the first example I’ve seen of a complete inversion of meaning — a campaign to get an illegal alien admitted to the bar as a lawyer:

Eight members of Congress on Monday joined four former American Bar Association presidents in urging the state Supreme Court to grant a law license to an illegal immigrant whose parents brought him to the United States from Mexico on a visitor’s visa when he was 9 years old.

Seven U.S. representatives and Puerto Rico’s nonvoting resident commissioner sent a letter to the justices supporting Jose Godinez-Samperio’s admission to the Florida Bar.

They also expressed support for a “friend of the court” brief being submitted by three ex-ABA presidents. The fourth, former Florida State University President Talbot “Sandy” D’Alemberte, is representing Godinez-Samperio. D’Alemberte, now a professor, was one of his teachers at Florida State’s law school.

He’s obviously not qualified: “All applicants are required to document their citizenship or immigration status.” But this is a calculated political stunt, which is why the open-borders people picked him, a valedictorian in his high school and an Eagle Scout. (As an aside, one of the required Eagle merit badges is Citizenship in the Nation, one of the requirements for which is “List the six functions of government as noted in the preamble to the Constitution. Discuss with your counselor how these functions affect your family and local community.” Did “provide for the common defense” or “promote the general welfare” ever come up?)

I’ve long supported the notion that it’s prudent to grant amnesty to some illegal aliens who grew up here after being brought as infants or toddlers. But whether this young man warrants such an extraordinary benefit is for the elected representatives of the people to decide (though the fact that his parents were professionals in the old country — a veterinarian and a dentist — undercuts the Les Miserables narrative woven by those who spit on our Constitution and our sovereignty).

But such a decision is not in the hands of the Florida Supreme Court or the bar association. The seven congressmen and one pseudo-congressman (all Dems, natch) who are calling for this end-run around the Constitution are Kathy Castor of the Florida House, Charles Gonzalez and Ruben Hinojosa of Texas, Xavier Becerra and Grace Napolitano of California, Luis Gutierrez of Illinois, and Raul Grijalva of Arizona, as well as pseudo-congressman Pedro Pierluisi of Puerto Rico. Shame on them.

On the flip side, if we could import hundreds of thousands of illegal-alien lawyers willing to work for minimum wage, then maybe Congress would see the wisdom in controlling immigration.

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